Destructive Tory Policies affecting West Berkshire

Local Education

You may have heard the Tories claim that the schools budget is protected. But the truth of the matter is that pupil numbers have increased and changed to the way that funding is distributed mean that almost all schools will see a reduction in their budgets on a per pupil basis.

In West Berkshire, estimates show these plans result in all of our schools anticipating a substantial budget cut, equivalent to at least two full time teachers, with two of our secondary schools expected to lose funding the equivalent of 16 teachers. That equates to a funding cut per pupil varying between £225 and £752 in our area. Labour has pledged to stop the cuts to school budgets with a real terms increase in funding. To find out the figures for your local school, visit independent website:

Your Local NHS Services

The NHS in England has been divided into 44 areas. Each area has had to produce a Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) to account for how they will change their services to cope with a shortfall in Government Funding to the NHS nationally of £22billion.

Our area is included in the plan for “Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West” with an expected funding shortfall of £479million by 2020. This will have impact on many locally delivered services and could threaten the Newbury Community Hospital.  You can read the full plan, here.


The current average house price in England is £234,794, but in West Berks the average price is £343,758 (from Land Registry, March 2017). This is completely unaffordable for most people. Someone on an average income cannot afford an average-priced house. We have also seen an increase in the cost for private renters.   Labour has pledged to build a million new homes over 5 years, at least half of which will be Council Houses, helping to tackle our chronic shortage of housing supply and reduce the amount of taxpayer’s money going into the pockets of private landlords.

Fire Stations
Royal Berkshire Fire Authority must find savings of £2.4m by 2020 as a result of Conservative government cuts. To do this they are closing Pangbourne fire station and making other reductions. Only Labour will stand up for our public services and ensure that our communities are properly catered for.


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