Campaigning Relaunch in Pangbourne

Today, 15th July 2017, saw the relaunch of campaigning in West Berks wards after the 2017 General Election.  It is always great to connect with local residents and hear their concerns but this event marked the beginning of our long term campaign to ensure that every resident has had the opportunity to share their views, tell us what they think and have a say in the issues we campaign on locally and nationally.

The current minority government could fall at any time, either due to a rebellion from the DUP or from within the Tory party itself, so we need to be ready should there be another snap election.  We also have local elections to West Berkshire Council in 2019 to prepare for and there is always the possibility of by-elections should any of the current councilors retire or resign.

The news from the doorstep today was that Labour support has increased since the election, even more than it increased during the election campaign, with some who voted Tory in June already saying that they would vote Labour next time around.  Reasons given centered on the coalition with the DUP and the apparent inability of Theresa May to negotiate, as paying £1.5billion just to keep her job was not viewed as a having achieved a good deal of the UK!

Unseat Alok Sharma

Across Reading West there will be monthly mass canvass events like this one, where activists from across the South East come to help out under the theme of “Unseat Alok Sharma”, so look out for these if you would like to get involved!

Regular Local Canvassing

There will also be two canvassing sessions each week in the West Berks wards, on Wednesdays 6:30pm until 8:30pm (except the weeks of our Branch meeting, in which case it will only be a one hour session to enable teams to get back to the meetings). and Saturdays 11am until 1pm.  Locations will be notified in advance by e-mail, posted on our events page and on social media.

Targeted Campaigns

We are also planning to campaign on target issues, such as school funding.  We plan to do one school-gate campaign event each month, from September onwards.


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